Help us continue a tradition of caring

Since 1944, Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home has provided quality assisted living to lower income seniors, many of whom had no other housing alternative. Sanborn Home is the only "licensed home for the aged" in St Clair County and the only senior residence with a mission to serve lower income individuals. It is important that we preserve this important community resource.

Your gift provides warmth, safety, and comfort

Funds donated to Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home are used to support low-income residents who are unable to pay for services and who, many times, have no where else to reside. These dollars help Sanborn Gratiot residents like Lucille:


“At 65 years old, Lucille was struggling.

A resident of Clay Township, she received a diagnosis of terminal cancer, lost her home due to excessive medical expenses, and ended up homeless.

Then along came an opening at Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Sanborn Gratiot is able to fulfill an integral part of its mission: reserving space for residents who are unable to pay for services. Lucille, certainly, fit that bill.

Because of donor generosity, Lucille is able to reside at Sanborn Gratiot permanently. She can live out her life safely, comfortably and surrounded by new friends.”

At Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home, sadly, we receive referrals, similar to Lucille’s, all too frequently.

Will you please consider making a donation to Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home to support our mission and ensure that seniors in need, like Lucille, have a safe place to live?

How to give

Donate Online via Paypal

It's safe and easy to donate online using your credit card or bank account. PayPal account not required.

Send a check

Make your check payable to "Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home". Mail to:

Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home
2732 Cherry St.
Port Huron, MI 48060

Endowment Fund

Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of St Clair County.

The organization has established an endowment fund with the Community Foundation. This fund supports Sanborn Home by helping cover the costs of resident activities, furniture, supplies, and other operating costs that enhance the lives of seniors living in the home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sanborn Endowment Fund or making a donation please go to: